Business Matters

For his business clients Ben has helped:

  • A minority group form a taxi cab company

  • A local manufacturer to acquire a number of its competitors and become one of the major players in its industry

  • The merger of one technology and internet oriented business into another, giving the surviving company a significant increase in its technological abilities

  • Guiding a professional practice through an acrimonious splitting off of one of its shareholders

  • Several friends to incorporate an autobody parts wholesaler, and to set up a shareholder agreement between the shareholders to address what happens if one of them dies, becomes disabled, or wants to leave the company

  • A company protect itself from the loss of valuable assets through the use of confidentiality agreements and covenants not to compete

  • A couple both buy one franchise school and sell another franchise school

  • Dissolve corporations and LLCs when the owners decide to retire or move on

  • Qualify a corporation formed in another state to do business in Ohio

  • Prepare releases for a company whose employee is being terminated, and to review releases on behalf of a physician who was leaving a practice group.

Ben has handled many, many other business matters across the years. If you are starting a new business, winding up an existing one, or have a legal matter relating to your business, please feel free to contact him.

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