Think of Us as Guides

When people travel to new and different places, people will often use a guide to help them get to where they want to go. In the exploration of the US, when the west was a vast wilderness, explorers used native guides. If you are a fisherman exploring new waters, you may hire a local guide to get you to the right part of the stream where the fish are found, and what is the best bait to use.

For many people, the legal landscape is a new and different place, unlike any place they have ever visited.  The language is different.  The protocol is different.  There may be traps and pitfalls.

As lawyers, we are your guide.  If a loved one has died, we guide you through the process of settling the estate and navigating the court system.  If you are buying or selling a business or real estate, we guide you through the transaction, pointing out things you might not have considered, and steering you around potential problems that could occur in the future.  When you are getting your affairs in order for your potential disability or ultimate passing, we guide you through the process of considering your options and translating your wishes into a plan.

We might not wear buckskin or a guide’s hat, and none of us will ever serve as President of the United Sates, but we very much fill the same role.
      -Benjamin F. Farah

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Posted by Benjamin Farah in Guidance, Probate, Estate Planning, Business Transactions