Real Estate Matters

Ben has helped his clients with real estate matters throughout his practice.  Some of the matters he has handled include:

• Preparing Purchase Agreements for couples selling their home

• Preparing Purchase Agreements for people making offers on homes

• A corporation acquiring several parcels of real estate in the City of Cleveland to enable it to double the size of its manufacturing facility

• Preparing a lease with option to buy for the owner of residential property

• Helping a property owner subdivide the family’s farm into lots for development

• A limited liability company acquire a large industrial building in Elyria which included components of seller financing

• Preparing land contracts for the sale of both industrial and residential properties

• Preparing leases for commercial buildings

• Reviewing leases for tenants of shopping centers and strip malls.

• A corporation purchase a 30,000 sq. ft. industrial building in the City of Cleveland for use as warehouse space

• Structuring of real estate acquisitions to provide the greatest benefit for owners of closely held companies

If you have a real estate transaction you would like help with, please contact Ben for a consultation.

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