Qualifications for Appointment

For Adults

A guardian for an adult must be at least 18 years old and a resident of Ohio, unless a nonresident is nominated in a Power of Attorney created by the prospective ward.

The ideal guardian is one who is familiar with the ward and has frequent contact with him or her.  This usually means that a family member is best suited for this role; however, if there are no family members able to serve, it is common for an independent professional, like an attorney, to be appointed.

If a professional guardian is appointed, it is important that he or she dedicated to getting to know the ward and is willing to establish a positive rapport with not only the ward, but the ward’s family.

For guardianships of the estate, the guardian should have some familiarity with managing finances and should be willing to keep good records of all transactions.

The Court ultimately decides who will serve as guardian to make sure the candidate is suitable.

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